Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well, fancy meeting you here again!

Hey Everybody!

My summer so far has been a whorlwind of traveling, but I am enjoying it. Today is one of the few days I have at home this summer, so I am trying to catch myself up on everything. As far as "work" is going this summer, I would say good. I am still reading the Tempest, keeping a summer journal, reading tons of plays, and studying my Biology book a little bit in preparation for next year. I think that instead of writing about it, I am going to share some pictures, because it is faster, easier, and probably more beautiful. Just one note before I go: I will try to keep up this blog, but I don't know how much I will be writing on it in the coming months. You can always check out my poetry blog, which is listed on the side, because I do try to write on that, though not as much during the summer. Have a great rest of vacation!


That's me! (From a fun "photo shoot" with a friend)

Ferry trip to visit grandparents.

Sunset over a lake in Maine where we spent a relaxing two weeks.

Waterfall from a hike we did while in Colorado.

Possibly my favorite picture this summer. Taken outside after rain at my grandparents' house.