On this page, I will list the books and articles I have been reading recently. I may mention them in blog posts, but you can find the author and title here, as well as a brief sentence regarding what the book is about. I may sometimes include books read just for pleasure, or just academic books that I am currently learning from. I do not have a set "curriculum" like some homeschoolers, so my books may be scattered as far as topic goes.

Henry IV Part One by William Shakespeare
I am reading this play with my dad while focusing on the ideas, writing, and creativity of Shakespeare. We are scheduled to do a yearlong course including four of his plays, and a look at other topics including international adaptations of Shakespeare and the historical time period of Shakespearean England.
The Ode Less Travelled by Stephen Fry
This is a hilarious but intensive book about writing poetry, with exercises and examples spilling from its pages. I love this book and it is teaching me a lot about the technical aspects of poetry.
Deutsch Aktuell 1 by Wolfgang S. Kraft
With this book I am beginning to learn the language of German for the first time. I am fortunate enough to take this class at a local high school, so I am in a classroom setting, which is helpful in learning the language.
Essential Biology with Physiology by Campbell Reece Simon
This book is a wonderful introduction to biology which I have been reading and familiarizing myself with. I also have the accompanying study guide, which has great notes, quizzes, and even a test for every chapter to help me stay on track.
Chief Modern Poets of England and America :Various Authors
This is a wonderful collection of poems with incredible poems by authors like Robert Frost, Sara Teasdale, T.S. Elliot, and many other important English and American poets.

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