Current Projects in Other Places

I have several cool projects going on in other places right now, and I think it would be a good idea to share links to the people who are reading this blog. They are not directly related to my homeschooling, but they are very fun and are improving my photography and my writing.

The first one is a new project for the new year involving taking a picture every day. It will help my photography skills and it gives me the opportunity to get feedback on my pictures. The link can be found here.

The second project I am working on involves writing sports stories for a blog run by an aspiring journalist. He runs my new story every week or two, and it is a fun way to try a different type of writing. The blog can be found here.

Another new project I am doing involves the historical society in my town. I volunteer there once a week, research a particular object in their collection, and then write an article for their blog, found here. My articles are called "Exhibit Highlight"


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