Monday, December 5, 2011

Final Exams

Today was the day of judgement as far as the first term goes. I had a final exam in both German and Math today, which is worth a chunk of my final grade and is very important. The German exam was in the morning and lasted for an hour and a half. That one I had studied for plenty, and I feel fairly confident in the score that I will get. Math was in the afternoon and it was harder, but still bearable. I hope I finished with a good score, and I do feel confident that it was at least an ok score.

After taking tests literally all day, I was very happy to come home and relax. My plans were to spend the afternoon reading, which is something that I love more than anything but have not had much time to do lately. After settling down on my bed to read, I only lasted about 15 minutes before falling asleep and staying asleep until dinner time. I guess my body needed a break after a weekend of studying and a day of exams. This week will be spent in preparation of the SSAT, which I am taking on Saturday. Because I have no classes now, I can dedicate the time to the SSAT and other things that I have not had time to do while being kept busy with classes and other practices.

I intend to spend this week knitting, reading as much as possible, and studying for the SSAT. Once the SSAT is over, I will throw myself into the application process for the private high school I hope to attend. This weekend should also be really fun, as I am going to see a production of The Tempest by William Shakespeare performed by a Harvard acting troupe.

For now, I am going to bed early tonight, and will hopefully wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to start studying.


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