Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back From Oblivion!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know that I took a break on this blog, and I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family or friends last week. I was at my grandparents house most of the week, and there wasn't much to catch up on. Now I can catch everyone up on what I have been doing. I read eight books last week, gobbling them up over Thanksgiving (pun intended). I wrote poetry on my blog everyday, tried my hand at some creative writing, and started up doing calligraphy again (more on that later, or in another post). We ate a lot, went running, played outside, and took two ferry rides, one rainy and terribly rocky, the other clear, warm, and perfect. Seeing family was great, and a good opportunity to give thanks for the wonderful life I have. I feel very lucky, and one of the things I give the most thanks to is being home schooled this year. What a great idea, and how lucky am I to be able to follow through with that? 

Anyway, today was the first class after break of the two high school classes I am taking, and it was my official getting back into everything day. I am very excited to continue my journey, and I am also excited that the Christmas season is now upon us! This morning, I had my math class, and later this afternoon I head up to German class again. It is great to be reunited with everyone after a week away. Over break, I did spend some time studying, as we have a big final exam next week. I feel pretty prepared right now, but I still need to continue with my studying. 

After math class this morning, I came home to write  a letter to my grandparents thanking them for the long weekend we spent with them. But this wasn't any old letter, because I had decided to write in calligraphy. To those who don't know, calligraphy is the art of writing with a special pen and paying close attention to making the letters and words look beautiful. I hope to upload some pictures soon. I also took time this morning to write detailed plans for my final paper on the play Twelfth Night. I read this play with my dad, and will be writing a paper on the themes of disguise, illusion, and concealed identity. More on that later. 

Another revelation over Thanksgiving was a new hobby. I discovered that I love photography. I have been leisurely taking pictures for a long time, and I am not incredible, but I love it, and it is a very relaxing and fun thing to do. You can be anywhere to take pictures, and it gives you a new perspective on the world around you. I may link up some pictures I took of the ferry ride. 

Well, I seem to be running out of things to say. I think this get's you caught up with my vacation, and what I am doing this week while I get back into everything. I also had an idea about this website. Because I read a lot, I think I should post a book review once a week with a book I have read in my free time. It would be a great way to document some of the things that I have been reading. Tell me what you think about that...


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