Thursday, November 3, 2011


After a very successful meeting with my dad this morning, I feel very pumped to share some of the work we have been doing. We are reading Twelfth Night, about an act a week, and it is great so far. Every week, we meet for a little bit and talk about different aspects of what we have read.

Today, we got into topics including illusion and disguise, and we went in depth about the character of Feste the clown. Feste is clever, with a sharp wit, but he is also wise in ways that the other characters do not always catch. We also went over an activity that I finished for this morning called a found poem. In this found poem, I take words that Feste has said, and manipulate them into a short poem that displays his character. It was a very interesting thing to do, and I learned a lot about him. Feste is not only a "witty fool" but he has good intentions, and I noticed he used a lot of good words like virtue, beauty, heaven, and soul.

Here is my found poem for Feste:

A witty fool
Good faith and wisdom
My soul resolved
Virtue, Sir Toby
Fools speak well
Answer me
God bless thee
Talents in faults
Take away sin
Bear it
A wise man

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