Thursday, April 5, 2012

Julius Caesar

The spring term is a new term, and I am happily pushing myself to try new things and continue working hard. On Wednesday, I had a very hard math test on concurrency and similar shapes, and a German "Quest" on past participles and means of transportation. With my dad, I started Julius Caesar, because we really wanted to read a traditional tragedy before the end of the year. Julius Caesar is another Shakespeare play, with large strains of political and military conflict. I love the moodiness already present in the first act, and the complex characters and their relationships with each other.

Also Shakespeare, one of today's projects is writing a first draft of my paper for the play Henry IV Part One. I am excited to get something about that play on paper. Another thing to do today is take some bricks out of the garden. We are preparing to go through and get all the roots out, but first we need to take out some old bricks that had been in the ground from a garden a long time ago.

Going out into the garden now, and hopefully it is warm outside!


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