Thursday, March 22, 2012


The new term starts next week, and I am ready to throw myself back into work and have some fun learning. I am going to be very busy this spring, but I will be doing things that I love. Here are some things I am excited about in the new term.


Currently, our yard is a mess of overgrown vines, weeds, and dead branches left over from winter. Ever since we moved to this house, we have wanted to whip our garden into shape. The ideal would be a small  flower garden, and maybe even a vegetable garden. The garden is my spring project, and I am determined to make it beautiful. Hopefully I will be posting pictures of it as it moves along.


I know that my science has been slightly lacking so far this year. I am planning on really exploring science more in the spring. I am interested in environmental science and sociology, but I think I will also be looking into biology more in preparation for next year. Right now, I am making a poster for a competition on energy consumption, and I will write about it more when I am done.

Dance and Chorus:

I am very excited to get back to chorus after the break, and I can't wait for more music there. This term, I am also starting to learn dance, which has always interested me, but I have never had the chance to begin. It is a wonderful opportunity this year, which is all about trying new things.

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