Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day!

Today is Groundhog Day, and guess what folks? Poor old Phil saw his shadow, so it looks like we will have another six weeks of winter. Frankly, I strongly dislike this holiday, and put no trust into Groundhog weather patterns. I watched a video of Phil coming out, and the poor guy was terrified. I cannot believe what is being done to him is natural, and how can it be correct if he is surrounded by thousands of people, lights aimed at him, cameras flashing, and 'handlers' holding him up for the screaming crowd to see? No wonder he wanted to get back into his hole. Wouldn't you be terrified? I think it is a stupid holiday which celebrates man's unique ability to get into everyone else's business and mess it up, even groundhogs. Would you just let Phil come out of his hole when he wants to, and let him do whatever he wants to? It was a CLOUDY day where Phil was, so how could he have seen his shadow? Obviously it was the people he was reacting too, not his instincts about winter...And did anyone see his giant, plastic 'hole'? Hideous.

Go back to sleep, Phil, and next year don't even make an appearance. You deserve to sleep.


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