Monday, February 13, 2012


Well, another week gone, and winter seems to be never-ending at this time of the year. Luckily it is not snowy, and the temperatures are getting better, but it is still rather cool for my liking, and can serve to bring people's spirits down.

Last week was a really busy one (well, when do I say anything else?) and I had a math and a German test.  I am eager to get them back tomorrow and see if the hard work I have been putting into it is paying off. Today is a day off, and I spent the morning watching Downton Abbey and writing a letter to my pen pal in Germany. As far as the letter goes, I am very proud of it, as it is the first I have written completely in German. My language skills are getting better every day.

Last week my dad and I started Henry IV, which is great so far. Over the weekend, I started a brilliant biography of John Lennon, one of my absolute favorite artists. Today I am going to the Historical Society to continue my research, and tomorrow is Valentine's Day (hopefully more on that later).

Well, that is all the news I can crank out at the moment, but possibly more this afternoon.


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