Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sorry to all of my fan base for not writing in a while, although I don't think many people read my posts at this time, so I guess it is more like a personal fail that I have not had time or energy to write in a while. My life is a series of hurdles to jump and German vocabulary to write and learn. Tests, ideas, projects, housekeeping things, babysitting, singing, spending time outside, photography, writing, blogging, and just everything is pressing down on me. I wish the weather were warmer, because that might make everything more bearable and give me more energy for everything I want to be doing.

The winter term has gone by very fast, and it is already the second to last week before vacation. I have my math and German finals next week, and have already started studying. Tomorrow is a math test, yet I get to watch a movie in German, so I have a little bit of a break before the finals. I am reading Henry IV part one with my dad, and we are having so much fun with it. The changes in Prince Hal are so tangible and the characters are so rich.

My photographs are slowly getting better, and I still have so much fun every time I pick up my camera. My poetry writing is the same as always, and my room is staying relatively clean at this point.

I did not get to go to the Historical Society this week, because it was closed for the holiday. I am hoping to get the article from last week up anyway.

Well, that is about for now...


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