Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in the Fray

After a restful break and a wonderful holiday, it is time to get back into the swing of things in the new year. My classes start tomorrow, and I am very excited to hurl myself back into all the work and fun and writing that I have been actually missing over break. This week I have classes, we finish Much Ado About Nothing, I have babysitting, chorus, and soccer, and I am starting a new project with photography.

First off, with my high school classes, I am excited for new challenges that will come with the new term. I am starting geometry in math class, and moving up in German to a more advanced class that moves faster.  For Christmas, I got a new digital camera, and I am itching to put it into use. It is a Canon Power Shot SX150 IS, and so far the pictures with it have been amazing. I am keen to explore the world of photography, and I have several helpful books which have been helping me to sort out all the different things to remember. As a way to improve my photography, I have also entered a photo challenge called Project 365. I take a photo every day and upload it, and others can view my work and comment on it. There are also discussions that give great advice and contests weekly. I like that I have made a commitment to a year of photography, and it has got me shooting all right!

Today was a slower day, cleaning and preparing for the start of classes tomorrow. I am very excited for everything to start, and I will write again tomorrow when everything starts up again.


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