Friday, January 27, 2012

Sorry, yet again

Another absence, and now another apologetic post. I am truly sorry for not writing more frequently, but I feel like I have been on my feet all week rushing around and studying. German test on Monday, math test on Wednesday, and another two days of babysitting. Add on a Shakespeare paper, publication in a poetry anthology, a picture a day, a two hour orthodontist appointment, a couple hours at the historical society, and a partial sick day, and you can see why I have not  had much free time.

Here is a little look into what I have been up to this week:

Monday: On Monday, I had a written German test for the two chapters we had covered so far this term. It was nerve wracking, but I ended up with an honors grade which I am very proud of. Monday afternoon I trudged down to the historical society to begin my research. I am going once a week to research certain objects in their collection, then write short articles for their blog. I had never had much researching experience, but it was one of the more interesting things I have done this year. I loved finding facts about the first object, a cribbage board. When one of my articles goes up, I will include a link.

Tuesday: On Tuesday, I had chorus, and we started a new piece, sung in Estonian. My music/sight reading skills are getting better by the week! I spent most of Tuesday with Much Ado About Nothing, writing a paper comparing and contrasting the two main couples of the play. I have posted it in the Papers section of this blog. Also on Tuesday I went running, slipped, and got a pretty good cut on my leg.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, I woke feeling absolutely awful, after one of the worst night's sleep I have ever had. I managed to drag myself to German class, because I knew that if I missed it, I would be very behind. After German, I came home and fell back asleep, missing my math class. My mom picked up the math test for me so I could do it later. After sleeping for a couple more hours, I awoke feeling much better and went out to lunch with my mom and three of her students. We had a wonderful time. In the afternoon I babysat.

Thursday: On Thursday, I got my braces off after two and a half years, which was amazing! It took a long time, and my gums are kind of sore, but it was worth it. I have my smile back! After that, I took the math test and babysat in the afternoon. I had chorus on Thursday night.

Friday: Today, I am having a soccer tournament! This morning, I got my math test back, and I got an honors grade for that too! I wrote my first article for the historical society, and I am looking forward to the weekend!

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