Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday: Grandparents=Clean Up!

Hey guys.
So this Friday was not the most academically intense ever, but I felt that I managed the time well and ended up doing just about what I thought I would do. In the morning, I had math class, where I was informed we have a test this coming Wednesday. I think I will take the opportunity to study a little this weekend, just to get ahead...

After math class, I put on my dusty snow boots and walked across the fields to my old elementary school. Over the past few weeks, I have gone there on Fridays to volunteer with my old kindergarten teacher. It is a great experience, and I love helping the kids with their crafts and centers. That tends to eat up my time on Fridays, but I believe it is totally worth it.

After coming home from the school, I prepared for my German class, which included learning a new dialogue in German. Then, I straightened up the house because my grandparents (gro├čeltern, to use my German language skills) were due to arrive that afternoon.

In the afternoon, I went to German class, and then had soccer practice which was sunny but very chilly.
Then, my grandparents arrived, as they are staying for the weekend.


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