Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday: Flu Shots and SSAT

Alas, the first day of recording my actions is a little less impressive than I had hoped. Today was a day for busy work and things that needed to be done more than a day for hard core schooling. Weighted down with a long orthodontist appointment and a flu shot, I did not have as much time as usual to learn things. This morning, I set up this blog and read a little bit while waiting for the orthodontist.

I wrote poetry on my blog (, and read some other blog posts from Write on Wednesday, which is a weekly writing exercise that I participate in. With only about an hour of valuable time left, I began to review for the SSAT's with a new book I had just gotten. Today I worked on Analogies, Synonyms, and test taking skills. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will prepare enough to feel comfortable when I take the test in December.

And so ends the day. My mouth and arm is hurting from the various doctor's, I am tired, but I am ready and raring to go for tomorrow, where I hope to accomplish more than I did today.


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