Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday: JFK and Chorus

Today was a merrily busy day where I believe I accomplished a lot. This morning, I had my math class, where we worked on graphing, and I finished my math homework. When I arrived home, I wrote a letter to my younger cousin for a school project of his. This included writing about my town's history, which tied in wonderfully with the history I have been learning about my town. I wrote on my poetry blog, and read about the Cuban missile crisis, including on a great new website which I found and wrote previous post on. Then I cleaned my guinea pig's cage and went to my German class back at the school.

The highlight of today was my first choir rehearsal with the Academy Chorus. They were beginning new music and I was allowed to join them. I know this will be a huge boost in my singing and music reading this year. Today, we started three songs, in three different languages. They are all Christmas songs, but there is one English, one African, and one Spanish song. Next rehearsal we will hopefully also be starting a song in Latin. This chorus is a huge step up from my previous one, but the challenge it making me a better singer and I love it already!


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